Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I should be doing...

 since we are going away for the weekend is packing, cleaning, writing a list or just about anything but crafting and blogging.  But here I am.  Crafting.  Blogging.

It has been HOT here.  Hot enough that we can't spend much time outside.  Hot enough that we are stuck inside.  Hot enough that it was extremely poor timing to try to drastically cut TV usage this week.  But we are managing.  Mama is still sane, the children are still breathing and we have some fun arts and crafts to show for it!

Eden's Glittery Hands
Theo's Glitter Hands

The kids did handprints in glitter on Monday.  Boy does a little bit of sparkle make them happy!  Me?  Well I am learning to pretend that my floors are diamond-studded since I can't seem to manage getting all of the glitter up.

Homemade Play Dough
I have been making homemade play dough this week, too.  We are headed to the store tonight for some essential supplies so hopefully I can crank out the rest of the rainbow in the morning!  I colored (and scented) the dough with Koolaid!

Paint is always a big hit!
So I stumbled upon a blog that I am now in love with.  I was looking for information on homeschooling Workboxes, so I am not sure how I ended up at Aunt Peaches' site, but what a happy accident!  I just had to make a few coffee filter flowers!

My little bouquet!

3 of the individual flowers.
I soaked the filters in diluted craft paint and rinsed them.  I dried them in the sun and used floral stems and floral tape to secure them.  I think they are precious!  I need more colors of paint!  Must. Make. More.

Somewhat Simple

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  1. I love your header! I love your post! I love your coffee filter flowers! I love your hand sprinkled prints! I love your play-doh with Kool-Aid.

    More! More! :)