Thursday, April 8, 2010

A quick catch-up!

I have been really neglecting the blog lately.  I apologize and hope to do better, but I'm not making any promises!  Great news, though...

We sold our house!  

Right now we are jumping through government hoops to fulfill the requirements for our buyer's VA Loan.  We are down to 2 weeks before closing and things are a little bit stressful and very busy!  Theo and Eden have been "helping" a lot.

Yesterday we had 5 panes of glass in the house replaced.  Today, a buried oil tank is coming out of the ground.  It's setting us back a few pennies.  There has been a steady hemorrhage of cash since we signed the contract to sell.  Hoping it stops soon, so there is something left to put into our own "money pit" out at Hunter's Grove.

We have been making a little bit of progress out there, too.  

We have been cleaning each week and have gotten the bathroom, family room, kitchen, dining room and spare bedroom done.  Saturday morning we plan to finish the living room.  Hopefully I will get out there one more time before moving day to work on the upstairs.

In all of our cleaning, we have made time to stop and enjoy ourselves, too.

We are so excited that we have been able to make a few purchases that are not for the Davis Ave house and those are fun!  We bought a (used) riding lawnmower.  Brandon hopes to give it a workout on Saturday!  We also purchased an antique freestanding farm sink for our kitchen renovation!

We are looking forward to sharing more as our life changes this summer!