Wednesday, July 27, 2011

E-Readers and More!

What do you think about e-readers?  You know Kindle and Nook and such.  Our local library system is going to be set up for checking out e-books soon and it got me thinking about them for a second.

I have been really resistant to the idea so far.  I love books.  I am someone you could probably classify as a bibliophile.  The love really goes beyond a love of reading.  I love books!  I love the smell of paper and ink.  I love breaking the binding of a new book.  I love the turning of the pages.  The sound of a crisp page as it passes my fingers.  I could go on and on.

As I considered the e-reader, I thought about how helpful it could be to the homeschool family.  Fewer books to store, fewer books to buy,

Wait a minute!  What!?  One of my big reasons for homeschooling is to justify/conceal my book habit!  So, I guess that means I am officially anti-e-reader!

What do you think?  Books or e-readers?  Both have a place?

Falling asleep with a Nook wouldn't have been quite as good of a photo op.

In other news, we are going to be getting our kitchen cabinets soon!  Bill Vick, Brandon's high school wood shop teacher, will be building them for us.  He did our island last year and we love it.  He will be building them from heart pine (the same as our floor).  I am so excited that we will be able to move our pots and pans out of the rubbermaid bins!  I will finally have a complete kitchen after over a year of living here!


  1. I've been thinking about e-books recently, too. Read somewhere that even Barnes & Noble will probably fold eventually - e-books are the wave of the future. Like you, I'm a book addict, and for all the same reasons you gave. And for now, I'm staying with my hard-copy books!

  2. Oh, one more thing. Last year we used a homeschool curriculum called Switched on Schoolhouse from Alpha Omega. Everything was on the computer, not a book to be had. We hated it! We desperately wanted a textbook we could flip back to find something we needed to review. This year, we're back to "real" books, which should arrive in the mail any day. Matthew says he's ready to start the day they arrive - hope we can maintain that enthusiasm!

  3. I am thinking about investing in a E-book reader!

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  4. I resisted for a long time but I really do love my Nook. It's much easier to read with a nursing baby (for some reason he won't mess with the Nook but it's nearly impossible to keep him from knocking a real book out of my hands!) and to keep in my diaper bag so I always have something to read. I do wish my battery lasted feels like it's dead every time I go to read it, but I heard they really improved on the battery with the new nooks.

  5. I would like to have a kindle but it is just not in the budget right now. New follower from Terrific Thursday Hop! I would love for you to stop by to say hi & return follow!

  6. I the wake of Borders closing I've been thinking about this as well. I'm very resistant to the e-readers. I love holding a book in my hands. I have to stare at a screen all day for work, when I read I want to escape that!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge