Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Right Now I Am...

Right now, I am...

:: feeling  like I need a shower and a cup of coffee.

:: enjoying  the momentary peace as my kids are outside (okay, that's over, Eden just bit Theo on the back of the arm. BRB).

:: loving  the produce coming from our garden.

:: appreciating  my husband for going to work every day so I can be at home.

:: remembering  that I really needed to pick up some packing tape at the store last night.

:: thinking  that I might like to see the Harry Potter movie on our date Friday night.

:: hearing  Eden ask if I will tell Daddy about her biting Theo, and if I will let her hide while I tell him.

::smiling  knowing exactly how she feels.

:: telling  Daddy about the bite, I reckon.

:: wondering  if I will ever feel like I have it together.

:: laughing  at the chicken peeking in the dining room window!

:: holding  my breath while Theo sits on the potty!  The potty!

:: giggling  at those horrible "Hail to the V" talking hand that is supposed to be a vulva commercials.  If you haven't seen them Google it, seriously!

:: knowing  that Brandon and I have a date Friday night is seriously getting me through the week.

:: wanting  a personal chef and washer woman.

:: closing  the computer.  Done for the day!

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