Friday, July 29, 2011

Homeschool Workboxes

So I haven't read the book.  I know I am not doing it "right", but I was inspired by all of the workboxes I ran across in Google images when I googled it!  They are wonderful and neat and organized and perfect for those of us who need to know up front what the day holds.

I knew right off that I wanted to try workboxes in our homeschool.  I know they will work well for me.  I think they will work well for Eden.  Each subject in its own little box.  All the supplies right there.  An empty box when you are done.  Yes, please!

I had been on the lookout for some inexpensive drawers or baskets to use, when I came across some of those cardboard magazine files in the dollar bins at Target.  They are pretty and colorful and I think they will work great for our own version of workboxes!

I also found these little standing pockets to hold our subject cards.

How it will work is, each evening I will consult the lesson plans for the next day.  Lets say we have Bible, Language Arts and Journaling on the agenda.

Oh, in case you are wondering, Pick a Stick is our version of activity sticks.  Eden chooses a stick out of the jar and has to do the activity that is written on the stick (10 jumping jacks, jog around the house, swing for 10 minutes, etc.).

I will put the subject cards on my boxes and fill the boxes with all of the supplies needed to do the particular assignment.  When Eden has completed each assignment, she will remove the subject card from the box and replace it in the pocket.

She will be able to clearly see how far she has come during the day, how far she has to go, how much work she needs to finish before she has a play break or a snack!  The day seems manageable.

The boxes are numbered with a velcro square below the number.  The velcro allows the subject cards to be removable.  I laminated them (well, I actually just used clear contact paper) and put the other half of the velcro on them.  I used my label maker <3 to insure that the subjects were easy to read (and just because I love an excuse to use the label maker).

On the flip side of the pockets that hold our subject cards, I made a calendar.  Days of the week and Months of the year are something we will be learning this year.

It has been fun, but quite an overwhelming journey, this preparing for homeschooling.  I hope to write soon about my experience choosing curriculum for this year.  I can't believe I have a Kindergartener!!

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  1. Well I just LOVE that organization! Love those boxes and the velcro'd titles and numbers. I want to pull a stick out of your jar :) How fun! You will soon be in the homeschooling mode and you both will love it. I'm really excited about your journey. There are lots of homeschool mom blogs out there, have you stumbled across any? (May be TMI, just asking :)

  2. I hadn't even heard of workboxes, but I love the idea! Thanks for sharing! We may have to do this in some fashion. I know that preparing to start homeschooling is lots of work...but it's fun, isn't it?!