Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some pics of life.

We had a couple of nice (sunny and 50F) days here in Fife this weekend.  It was super to spend some time outside and not be thinking the whole time about how much I want to go inside! 

We do not live in an area that is really known for snow, but this winter, there have been only a few days where we did not have snow on the ground.  The daytime temps have been such that the ground thaws.  The result has been MUD.  Mud is everywhere.  The yard may never recover...  Driving to our parking area has created terrible ruts and the few times we have driven around to the back of the house (usually when we are returning from the grocery store) has made a muddy mess of the side yard.  I won't even begin to describe the yard by the back porch.  Just imagine, 2 dogs, no grass, no gutters on the house and tons of precipitation.  Gross!

The kids have loved the warmer days and Eden got her workout yesterday pushing Theo around in the car that has never worked except under human power.  They had so much fun.  It really makes me excited about this spring and summer when we will go outside and only go in for sleeping and the occasional bath!

Just when I think spring will never arrive, the signs have begun to appear... daffodils are sprouting, my seed order arrived this week and I will be planting cabbage seeds for transplants next week!  Hold on just a little while.  Spring is coming!!!

Here (below) are my onions peeking up through the snow (above are daffodils).

This next pic is the garden with some light snow on it.  I can't wait until there is tons of stuff coming up and things are green!

I also wanted to show you the location of the next project.  Below, our chicken coop will be built here starting next month!  We will be clearing out this brush.  Over to the right you can see the pile of compost in front of the garden.  Keeping the chickens close to the compost pile will make life easier.  Can't wait until we have a nice flock running around here!


  1. How fun!! Daniel and I were having our weekly "business meeting" on Saturday and he brought up getting chickens. And said he was serious! So now we are brainstorming how many, what kind (hopefully laying and meat) and where :)

  2. This first little flock will be 8 laying hens. We hope to get some for meat at some point, too. My neighbor is going to invite me over the next time he butchers any, so I can learn.

  3. Did you grow your onion from seeds or sets? I was wondering how easy/difficult to grow from seed.

  4. These in the photos are from sets, but I just planted some seeds indoors yesterday. I'll let you know how those work. Or I can give you some and you can try it out, too!