Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I had to fix my desk chair.

Yesterday, I stepped out of the school area for a minute and Theo stood on my desk chair to reach something.  He went right through the seat!  Admittedly, it was in bad shape.  Kind-of like this one (its twin)...

They are really sturdy chairs and I love them because they are small.  They fit perfectly in-between my dining chairs when I am seating 3 on a side of my dining table.  The small size also makes it perfect for my tiny desk in our school area (which is in our living room).

So, I had to fix it and fast!  I decided to use some fabric I had lying around and weave a new seat.  As I dismantled the old seat, I came up with a plan.  The end result is pretty cute, I think and it is very comfortable.

I am planning to do the other one ASAP... maybe I will do a tutorial! ;)

I thought I'd leave you with some pics of the chickens and their girl, Eden.

Those chickens love her!

Isabella is on top of the swing set.  Pippi is the one on the ground.

She owns the place!



  1. Please do a tutorial!!!! That seat is beautiful!!!!

  2. Thanks! I will probably need to wait until the weekend to put together a tutorial (you know, when I can tag team childcare). ;)

  3. Amy stop it! I'm in love with that chair - please do the other and give us a huge tutorial asap! I'm in love with it!!! Are you kidding? Crazy awesomeness!!!

  4. Stop by to thank you for the DIY Mod podge recipe in Redo 101! Love PC

  5. How cute it that - chickens in the yard with the kids. I love it! Love that chair make-over, too. Good job!

    I'm a new follower of your blog from the Wednesday blog hop :)

    They All Call Me Mom