Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reclaiming My Kitchen!

My mom bought me this book to read to the kids... 

It is the story of the Beanbuckets family.  When the little boy Billy sneaks his favorite piglet into the house for the night, the other farm animals begin to join him!  Before long, the family has to move into the barn!  Sounds like someone is trying to tell me something.  Mama isn't usually the passive-agressive sort...

Well, Mama, you will be pleased to know, the coop is finished and the chickens have been evicted from the kitchen!!  I cleaned and mopped and we are smelling less and less like a barn!  I went out this morning and found the girls happily scratching around.  I had to take some photos for you!

One of the Golden Campines... I can't tell them apart anymore.
Sweet and friendly Isabella (Blue Andalusian).
The other Golden Campine, I think. ;)
Ruby Sue (Rhode Island Red) looking a little blurry as she runs past!
Golden Campine... still don't know which one.

Pippi (Welsummer)
How in the world did I get all 7 in the same picture? 
Hungry chicks!
I love the ladder!
Inside of the henhouse.
Nesting boxes.
Egg-door where, one day, I will hopefully gather eggs from my very own hens!
I need to paint the siding and around the door, but other than that, it's DONE!
Back of the coop.
Happy chicks!
 Next project is painting my kitchen!  Stay tuned!

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  1. I am so in love with your red coop!!! I love your chickens. You aren't gonna eat 'em, are you? Cuz you can't eat chickens you name, right? :) I love the ladder, too - Brandon deserves a blue ribbon for this first rate coop. Back in the day, Goochland had a County Fair. Not only rides, but we could enter things we'd made. Grandma and Mama entered their canned and baked goods. One year Daddy and I made a bird house together, it was white with a red roof - and we won first prize! Miss that little county fair. Country living is great - unless you're like Crystal and me and need a Target within a few minutes of your house :) Can't wait to see your kitchen redo!!!