Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Outdoor Chicks... Almost!

The kids and I worked on the floor of the coop today.  We built the coop on a hill, so the floor had to be filled in on the side where it sloped.  When we finished, we brought the chicks out to play!  They seemed to like it out there.

We hope to put the finishing touches on the coop this weekend and reclaim the breakfast nook for dining!  The kitchen kind-of smells like a barn even though I am cleaning their bin daily.  Can't wait for them to leave the nest!

Isabella is the most curious and friendly of the bunch.

They managed to uncover a worm and eat it!

I am amazed by their size in 3 short weeks!


I thought of another reason you should cultivate a garden.  Because it is super convenient to send the girl out with a basket to pick a salad for dinner!

Eden picked our salad for dinner!


  1. I am in love with that picture of Eden - it is so totally perfect for a farm girl! Your chickens have grown so incredibly fast - and isn't it amazing how God created them with the instinct to have never been outside before but to immediately find a worm :)

  2. Love you little lettuce gatherer!