Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blogging "Superwoman" Expose

This topic has been rolling around among the cobwebs in my mind for a while now.  After reading Miriam's post this morning over at My Country Cupboard, I knew it was time!

Spend any amount of time reading mama blogs and you are bound to begin to feel inferior, inadequate, lazy, undisciplined and exhausted.  How do they "do it all"?  Your house is falling apart, your children are dirty and talking back, you forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer (oh wait, that's me... BRB!), the laundry is overflowing, but you still haven't folded the 3 loads you did yesterday, the kitchen floor needs mopping, but it is covered in toys and those cloth grocery bags you haven't taken back to the car (buy hey, at least you remembered to use them!)... sound familiar?


Let me tell you a secret about the bread-baking, organic-gardening, crafty, homeschooling, perfectly-decorated-and-always-clean-house, perfect-children, handsome-romantic-handy-husband, never-yells, gets-up-at-dawn, finishes-today-today, composts, recycles, always-looks-like-a-million-bucks, showers-daily SUPERWOMAN.  She only exists in blogworld (and on Facebook)!

Allow me to spend the next few minutes teaching you to read between the lines of the Superwoman Blogpost...

Superwoman posts:  I love spending the day in my garden!
Read:  I love spending the parts of the day I wasn't feeding kids, changing poopy diapers or cleaning up dog puke in the garden!

Superwoman posts:  The kids and I made this awesome dragonfly mobile from twigs and glitter today! (complete with photo that looks like a professional took it)
Read:  It took all day, but I finally managed to get this stupid mobile made in spite of the children's interference!  Now to find an e-how on getting glitter/glue out of dog fur.  Oh crap, my camera batteries are dead.  I'll just swipe the pic from the online tutorial...

Superwoman posts:  Tonight for dinner, we had poached chicken breasts with blackberry cabernet sauce, homegrown salad with homemade blackberry vinaigrette dressing and fresh milled whole grain bread.
Read:  I cooked all day and my kids ran amok.  We will have discipline issues for days and I may never get the sharpie out of the rug.

Superwoman posts:  We had our family portraits made today!  They turned out SO great!
Read:  After putting on every decent outfit in my closet and finding that only one fit, I had to choose different clothes for the entire rest of the family so we wouldn't clash.  We were 30 minutes late for our appointment and one of the kids sat in a mud puddle in the parking lot of the photo studio.  They took 700 photos and of those, only 5 were acceptable.  My eyes are closed in 2 of them.

Does any of this sound familiar?  Would any of us read the true life blog?  I might, just to make myself feel better...  Maybe I will post an "honest" post every now and then just to keep it real!


  1. ROFL!!! YES, YES, YES!!!! A million times YES!! Now, to be honest right back, there ARE days where the day goes nice and smooth and I do finish-today-today... but there are plenty of days where "spent the afternoon in the garden" means: no laundry, dishes or meals were washed or made.

    Thank you, Amy, for posting this and helping us all keep things in perspective. I guess too often it's easy to think that *my* kid is the only one who sits in mud puddles in the studio parking lot... or *I'm* the only one who takes all day to create a simple craft... or *everyone else* loves doing laundry so much more than I do and they never get behind (or end up leaving their kids in pajamas all day because you have more clean pajamas but no more clean clothes *cough*cough*thatwouldn'tbeme*cough*cough*)

  2. LOL! Thank you for posting this! I'm dying laughing and can't stop!!! It's SO TRUE!

  3. Thanks y'all!

    Miriam, it's good to know I'm not the only one who has kept kids in pjs all day for that reason!

  4. THIS is so very awesome!! and so, so true!