Monday, May 24, 2010

Twisty-turny life!

I have been neglecting the blog. Not because there is nothing to report (because there is),
but because I am a bit annoyed at the way things are going and I hate to sound 

Our house is SOLD! The new family who bought it closed on April 22nd. We moved out of 
the Davis Ave house on the same day and into Hunter's Grove!  

Living here in the country is more amazing and wonderful than I ever dreamed. While the 
boxes are not all unpacked and the chaos consumes me at times, all I have to do is step 
outside and the world slows back down to a crawl. The smell of honeysuckle and boxwood 
is intoxicating. It is so peaceful here. We are adjusting to one bathroom and becoming 
tolerant of the tiny kitchen (though looking forward to the day when my new kitchen is in 
use). I'd say the kids have adjusted well, but it seems they didn't have to! They were born 
to live here! They would stay outside from sun-up to sun-down (and beyond) if I let them.  
I am already longing for the days when I can say, "Go outside! Don't come back in until dark!"

We have planted a small garden. I said when we came out here that I wanted tomatoes this
summer and I would be happy with that. The rest of the family wanted more of a variety, 
so I obliged! We planted watermelon, squash, bush beans, pole beans, cucumbers, 
tomatoes (6 varieties), corn, and sunflowers! Brandon worked hard at getting a fence around
it this past weekend. Hopefully we won't be feeding the wildlife too much!  

The annoying part of this whole blissful journey we are on is that we still haven't closed on 
this place!! We don't own this little piece of paradise, yet! I am furious with Colonial Farm 
Credit for the way they have handled our loan. They have had 9 weeks! We have lived here 
for 4 weeks! I won't go into details, and don't worry, we are sure we will eventually close, but
it is just getting old. It was hard to think about blogging when we have this nasty cloud
hanging over us.

Well, I have about a million pics to share, but that will have to happen another time!

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