Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anything is an improvement!

I love the projects we are taking on around here!  Mema tells a story about her nephew Nicky.  When she and her family moved into their house in the country, folks came out to work.  Nicky told his mom, "I like working out there.  Any work you do is an improvement!"

Well, that's the way it is here... We keep making "improvements" by putting in the sweat equity.  This weekend's projects included putting together the kid's new swing set.  My dad and Brandon worked most of the day Friday and Saturday and finally got it done!  It is so cute and Eden has been swinging non-stop since it was finished!

Another project we worked on was cleaning out the existing dog pen.  It was extremely overgrown with weeds and vines and a tree had fallen on the fence.

We managed to get it cleared out, most of the vines off the fence (except for a few for esthetics), 2 dead trees cut down, the fallen tree off the fence and the fence put back up!  It looks so different now!

I think that after a load of mulch (maybe a few bales of straw), Ali will be happy there when we leave for a few hours.  She usually stays inside, but really enjoys the outdoors.

After all our hard work, Mema rested in the shade and made some grapevine wreaths.  She had made 4 by the time she got up... I could go into business making wreaths.  If you need one, give me a call! ;)

In other news, we got a cat!  He's a 7 year old barn cat who's owner died (and his barn was sold to someone who didn't want him).  His name is Nike and he is a pretty nice guy.  He and Ali have their issues, but are usually content to avoid each other.
I have had to remove the mulch from my pepper plants.  We have had so much rain that they are turning a waterlogged-yellow.  Hopefully they will dry out a little and start greening up!

And just because they are super-cute...

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