Thursday, May 27, 2010


We haven't even been outside this morning and I have pulled 2 (crawling, not biting) ticks off of Theo and 1 off of myself.  Yesterday, I pulled 3 off of Eden (they were already biting) and one off of Theo!

I was thinking of waiting on the chickens until we were a bit more settled, but I think we need some form of tick control!  So, I have been dreaming today.  I know I don't want a large flock.  I want 6-8 birds at most.  I want a pretty egg basket.  Well, not the actual basket, but the eggs in the basket.  I want friendly breeds.  I want good layers and possibly dual purpose breeds.  I want a coop with a run.  I plan to let the birds "free range" on a part time basis, but want them to be penned up when that is more convenient for me.  So, this is what I have come up with...

I like this coop design (plans).  It has a full size door to enter the run.  The coop is elevated for ease of cleaning.  It is sized for 8 large breed birds.  I also like the way it looks!

Some of the breeds I am interested in are

Black Copper Maran (lays chocolate colored eggs)
Araucana (lays blue/green eggs)

Buff Orpington (sweet, friendly)

Barred Rock (Brandon likes the way they look)

We'll see what the next couple of months hold, but I am hoping this will all happen sooner rather than later!

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  1. We've been finding ticks, too, this spring, and we've never really had a problem with them before. I got one the other day just walking from the house to the washline! I don't know if it's a seasonal thing (if they are worse some years over others) or if they are moving in. I don't really like the thought of Susannah running around getting ticks!