Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Fever

The snow here has just about cleared.  You may still see a bit in parking lots where the piles were as big as dump  trucks, but other than that, we are just looking at soggy winter.  We had a solid week of sun last week, and while the temperatures didn't get out of the 40's, it was still beautiful!  I am suffering from Spring fever in a bad way and I am planning a garden I may not actually have.

Our house is still sitting here on the market.  We lowered our price to $172,000 and we are still getting traffic through at least once a week.  We still haven't had any offers, though, and I am getting tired.  I know that so many folks have their houses on the market for much longer than 4 months these days, but it is really tough to always be ready for a showing.  Living in a house from which you have emotionally detached while being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is much more difficult than I expected.  I am feeling as if I am living in limbo.  It makes me long for a "home" again.  You know, kid's art on the fridge, family photos out for all to see...

As for the garden, I am planning as if we will be at Hunter's Grove in time for planting.  So far I have the layout mapped out and flower seed chosen.  I need to plan the veggie portion, but depending on when we can move, we may be at the mercy of others as to what seedlings I can find.

The food changes here in the Rollogas house are being made slowly.  We have made the switch to organics (and local milk) at the store, but we are also still eating up the stockpile of food we already had.  I placed my first order with Quail Cove Farms.  It arrives tomorrow, so I'll let you know how that looks!  We are using a portion of Brandon's bonus this year to join Agriberry CSA (an organic, local fruit/ berry CSA).  I am really excited about that!!  My copy of Food, Inc. is making the rounds among my friends and I am thrilled about all the changes everyone seems to be making!  More folks eating real food means more access to real food (good old supply and demand)!

If you remember, this week, say a prayer for the sale of our house!

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