Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My first Quail Cove Farms order!

I called the lady who hosts the Quail Cove Farms pickup yesterday, to find out what time the truck usually arrives.  She said it usually gets there around 5:30 am!  Yipes!  She said nobody is ever there to meet the truck and in the Summertime, folks bring a cooler by the day before for the cold stuff.  I was glad that the pressure was off to meet the truck!  I did get over there a little after 7am to pick up my order.  It was simple; find your bags and take them home!

I ordered 3 dozen free range eggs, 5# of organic potatoes, 5# of organic carrots, 4 organic navel oranges, a bag of organic corn chips, 2.5# of butter and nearly 10# of free range turkey loaf.  After shipping my total was $72!  That would have been a good price for the turkey if that was all I got, but all together it was a wonderful deal! 

I will likely continue to order from them, but I am looking forward to more local sources of these items as the Summer approaches. 

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