Saturday, February 6, 2010

...and again

Again, it is snowing.  I am not usually one to complain about the weather.  I usually take it as it comes, but boy am I ready for some sun and warmth!  I think the sun is supposed to shine his beautiful face a bit tomorrow, but the high is supposed to be 32F and we are supposed to get more snow on Tuesday!  The yard is so wet that you sink a couple of inches when walking even on the grass.  We have standing water in the back yard (something that, I'm sure, impresses potential buyers).  It is dreary and definitely having an impact on my personal morale.

Enough about the February funk.  I wanted to update you a bit on the food stuff!  I have been sharing my new knowledge with anyone who will listen and boy are people listening!!  My copy of Food, Inc.  is loaned out and I have a list of at least 7 people who want to borrow it!  It is still available on Amazon for $9.99.  If you purchase it, you can watch it instantly on your computer or download it to your on-demand device!  If you have Netflix, you can watch it instantly on your computer.

Being pretty new to this journey, I am finding it easy to get off track by wandering the "organic" foods aisles.  Is "organic" the point?  Is an organic banana better if it is coming from Chile?  What is worse, pesticides or oil dependance?  It could be easy to get bogged down with those kinds of questions.  I can see how it could be paralyzing.  I think this has made me open my eyes and think about where my food is being grown and what are the growing conditions.  Close to home = good!  Less dependance on oil for transportation and a fresher product.  Farmer's Markets = good!  The close-to-home reasons apply and you have the advantage of meeting the people who are actually growing your food!

The changes in our shopping are going to be huge.  We can't just buy the same things just the "organic" version.  In addition to being cost-prohibitave, it is missing the point!  The point is... is what I am eating actually food?  Or is it some company's product that we have been conditioned to think of as food?  Are the animals I am eating being treated like a creature not just created for human nourishment but created for God's glory?  Are the plants I am eating organisms that occur in nature?  Or are they a product, trademarked and owned by a "multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation"?  Is that packaged food I am buying really food?  How many ingredients does it have?  How many can I pronounce?  How many are naturally occurring?

This is an enlightening journey for me.  Thanks for walking beside me!!


  1. Have you read The Eco-Foods Guide by Cynthia Barstow? She does a wonderful job of helping you think through food choices and the balance between local, organic, etc. I highly recomend it!

    Blessings! Erica

  2. No, I haven't read it. Sounds like one I will have to check out. Thanks for the rec!

  3. I have Netflix so I may check out Food, Inc. Sounds eye-opening. I also am trying to make small changes. I was actually looking into Quail Cove Farms. I just get overwhelmed and it is so easy to run to the grocery and get everything. But I am definitely making way more from scratch than I ever used to (in an attempt to avoid chemical preservatives/additives). It's funny how having a child who is sensitive to that stuff makes you re-evaluate your food choices! Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  4. I have been trying to buy according to buy organic versus non-organic produce according to the "dirty dozen" list. It is amazing how hard it is. I ran into the problem when I was looking for organic peaches to make baby food last winter. The only place I could find organic peaches was in the frozen food section of Whole Foods and they were super expensive. (I asked several places and no one carried canned organic peaches.) I also wanted to let you know that Ukrop's does have a decent organic section (it does sometimes vary by store). I always find the mambo sprouts coupon books in that section for organic & fair trade products including meat & dairy products. I just saw a new booklet this past week. You may also want to check out Hot Coupon World's sister site for money saving tips with organic products -