Monday, January 25, 2010

A tough week.

Last week was pretty tough.  I guess it makes sense that, when you begin the week putting man's best friend to sleep, the rest of the week might not be the best.  Eden had a throw-up bug, Theo was teething and snotty, Ali moped around and was generally pitiful, I realized that I left my good frying pan and knife at the cabin when we went camping, and I had classes to teach.  A few times during the week I was at the end of myself.  A girl can only take so much.

Through all of this, though, God didn't change.  He is still on the throne!!  I really felt the prayers of my friends during the week as God dumped heaps of grace on our little family.  His peace, (you know, the peace that passes understanding) was evident as I woke up mornings I had slept very little and had to clean up vomit, but was still able to smile.  I praise the Lord for his care for us during the tough weeks and every day!

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