Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Rivah

The view from the house (I can't remember the name of the creek)!

Eden and I had a wonderful couple of days Monday and Tuesday! We went to the river (or if you are from Central Virginia, the "Rivah")! We went with my mom (aka, Nanny) and her mom (aka, Mema). We stayed in a cousin's house in Reedville.

3 of the 4 generations (someone had to take the photo)!

We spent some time gardening, playing at the beach and reading old letters. The letters were correspondence to and from my Mema's great aunts Sally and Mary (this would make them my great, great, great aunts). Most of the letters were regarding the Ware family genealogy. Some were from folks looking for their own family history (many were seeking membership in the DAR- Daughter's of the American Revolution). We found lots of interesting documentation including copies of several wills that dated back to pre-Civil War era.

Eden watered the plants.

The Potomac River.

Eden loves the beach!

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