Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm baaaaaack!

I have been MIA for a couple of months. Life has been busy, pregnancy has been rough and I just haven't made blogging a priority! But, I am back and hopefully I will keep up!

So, what has been taking up all my time?

I have been making baby preparations. If the little one came today, I think I would be ready! My labor bag is not packed completely yet (and Brandon's and Eden's aren't either), but I have a good list. It could all be thrown together pretty quickly, I guess! Other than that, the only big thing we have left is to have the carpets cleaned.

We have been working on the house! We have been working on a mini-facelift on the outside of the house. We are almost done. Brandon re-framed the front door and replaced our storm door. He power washed the house, put up new shutters and painted the trim. The house is now white and black rather than white and blue! It looks great! We plan to paint the front door and change out the front porch lighting before it is all done, but that may not happen before the baby comes. We are just playing it by ear.

We have made it through the first five months of the year, baby prep and a home exterior facelift with NO NEW CONSUMER DEBT!!! We have paid down $7000 of our existing debt! It is so exciting to see the debts disappear!

I'll tell the rest of the story of the past 3 months in photos! Here they are! Enjoy!

In March, we enjoyed the Richmond Auto Show.

Brandon "stole" a fishing kayak from a co-worker for $50!!

In April, we took a cabin trip with some friends! It was a great trip!

Just a couple of weeks later, Eden went cabin camping with Nanny and Grandaddy! She did great and fell in love with hiking! Can't wait to take her this summer!

Eden helped me plant 3 flats of plants and loves to water them with water from our rain barrels! As soon as I can I will take a photo of our beautiful colorful front yard!

Eden and Daddy dyed eggs for Easter! Aren't they beautiful?

We watched as a robin built a nest on our back porch, laid eggs and raised her young. They grew up and flew away way too quickly!

I finished up some sewing projects including a sling for Eden's baby Clem...

... and a crib quilt for the new baby (made of the scraps left over from Eden's quilt)!

Last month, Julie helped me out with this project. It is a belly cast of my big pregnant self! I have plans to paint and decorate it... hoping I can finish it before the baby comes!

Here's my sweet girl and the flowers she chose (all grown in our yard) for my Mother's Day bouquet! The pink rose in the front is an Eden Rose (my mom gave it to me for my first Mother's day) that blooms just in time for Mother's Day each year!

And, finally, we lost a family member. My great aunt Lollie (Mema's oldest sister) passed away just a couple of weeks after her 94th birthday. We were able to celebrate this birthday with her in good health and it will be good to have this as a last memory of a pretty amazing woman!
Pray for Brandon and me as we hope to be making a decision about purchasing her home.

Well, there it is. You are all caught up and hopefully I can keep up from now on!!


  1. Welcome back :) I'm sorry about your aunt Lollie (what a cute name!), and will be praying for you guys about the decision you're making. It looks like a great home, very pretty :)

  2. Keep up the good work on the debt. What a huge relief that has to be for you both! I know how it felt for us to become debt free. It's worth the sacrifice.

  3. Miriam, I thought you would like the house. It is pretty isn't it? It has been in my family since it was built in 1790!

    Judi, The debt is a little slow going since we are adding to our numbers and doing so much work on the house, but I am very pleased with the progress anyway!