Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This week...

I haven't blogged in about a week.  I have been struggling with the pelvic pain off and on (though, it has been nothing like last week) and have seen the chiropractor twice now.  I will continue seeing her for now as I am getting some relief.

Brandon was Super-Dad this weekend.  He worked hard and did a wonderful job of being me while I sat around and rested.  He got meals together, cleaned up toys, did most of the potty duty, took Eden to the pet store, and much more!  My hero!

So, since I have been somewhat better, I made a few plans for the week.  Yesterday, Eden and I went to our Sewing Bee.  I was uncomfortable by the end of the day, but not miserable!  Today, we will take it easy and try to get some domestic tasks accomplished!  Tomorrow, I have a chiropractor appointment and  Pioneer Girls in the evening.  Thursday, Eden has a playdate in the morning and I have girls night!  I haven't been in a while since my classes are on Thursday nights.  This just happens to be my week off between classes, so I get to go!  I haven't thought much past that, but it is a start!

There is a massive stack of coupons sitting on my living room floor... I need to cut them and purge my expired ones.  Kroger has tomatoes for $.99/ lb this week, so I can have my favorite thing in the whole world (at least this week)!  I have been loving tomato salad!  The particular version the baby likes is tomatoes, green olives, cheese, ranch dressing and sunflower seeds.  Lots of sunflower seeds!  So, a trip to Kroger is in order sometime before lunch this morning!!

I'm off to be domestic!  ;)

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