Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm back! Well, sort-of...

I have been out of commission for the past few days.  Still online, but that was about it.  I have Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction.  I had it toward the end (38 weeks) of my pregnancy with Eden, but it was uncomfortable, not debilitating.  It came on quite a bit earlier (17 weeks) this time and this past weekend became much worse.  Monday and Tuesday this week, I could hardly walk and I even cried!  I admit, I am a "crier," but not about pain.  I think the emotional weight of not being able to care for Eden coupled with the knowledge that 20 more weeks of pregnancy is a LONG time wore me down.  

So, yesterday I saw our chiropractor, Dr. Anna Madland.  She did an adjustment and warned me I would feel worse before I feel better.  She spoke in truth.  Last night was bad.  This morning, though, I can walk!  I am still having some pain, and I will go back for another adjustment on Friday morning, but I can walk!!  Praise the Lord!  

There is a chicken in the oven and bread baking, as well!  Brandon will appreciate that, I'm sure, since I haven't cooked in a couple of days.  I have a lunch date with my mama (aka, Nanny) and then I hope to put the girl down for a nap and stitch up a maternity apron I cut out this morning.  My other aprons are looking a little weird and not covering my lap anymore since I have to tie the waist up above my big belly!  Back to being domestic...  I pray the pain holds off!

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  1. I have no idea what that is, but it doesn't sound fun at all! I'm glad the chiropractor was able to provide relief, and hope it continues to!