Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Nice Time at Mema's

The family all went over to Mema's (my maternal grandma) for lunch yestersay.  She has lived for the past 3 years in a retirement community.  She didn't alwas live an apartment life, though.  She moved from her home of 50 years in 2006.  She loves flowers and plants and kept a large garden for many years.  She grew up on a farm in a still-rural part of the state (Fife, VA in Goochland County).  

I had so much fun yesterday, remembering her mother's house with her.  My memories of that house are very different form hers.  I remember the house, my great-grandma (AKA Little Grandma), her BIG garden, the barn, the porch swing, the wood cook stove that Little Grandma still preferred using long after electricity took over the world, the ice house with the deep hole that had long been used as a shed rather than cold storage.  Mema's memories are much deeper than mine.  She remembered things like her dad building that ice house!  How she loved helping him with things around the farm and he liked it too because she was good at it!  She remembers her mom buying 100 laying hens so she could sell the eggs and have "mad money" for herself!

I love listening to the memories of the older generations!  There is so much to glean and it is just fun to hear how simple and fulfilling life can be when you practice clean living!  If you have someone in your life who has lived life, talk to them about it!  I am sure they would love to share some memories with you! 

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  1. How fun and how special to have that time with her and "relive" the old days :)