Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dave Ramsey

As most of you know, this past year I quit my part time job as my friend's nanny.  This decision has been wonderful for our family, but has put us in the situation to really pay attention to our finances.  We lost $600 of income per month when I came home.  This is after several other job changes for me over the years that have all cut our income significantly.  

Back in May, we began using an online budgeting program called Pear Budget.  It is by far the most simple budgeting program I have ever used (I tried Money and Quicken in the past).  Pear Budget has helped us get our finances under control and we have not really "suffered" while living on one income.

We made the decision to do more toward getting our finances in shape in 2009.  God provided us with a wonderful Christmas gift from Brandon's Grandma Klippenstein.  This gift was just what the doctor ordered!  It was a copy of the book Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.  I read the book quickly and got on board with the plan.  Brandon and I are now reading the book together (out loud to each other at bed time) and implementing the Baby Steps.

If you remember, please pray for us as we work toward living a debt-free life!  We have made some financial errors in the past, but no more!


  1. I should check that out at the library. We have Larry Burkett's book, but a different spin on the same idea is always a good refresher. Love the new blog look, btw :)

  2. Keep working at it. We still are. We got out of debt...of course that's before we sign the mortgage. Now it's keeping up the same attitude and staying out of the big debt hole.
    We laughed last night when Rennie got a "Discover More" credit offer in the mail last night. As he read it the only thing that ran through my mind was how fast you can discover more debt...
    I'm cheering you guys on. There is so much freedom and PEACE when you are out of debt.