Friday, January 30, 2009

A bit about the day so far...

I saw this on my friend Miriam's blog My Country Cupboard.  I thought it was cute and planned to post this morning.  I looked at the questions and thought "I've got to make this good!"  It has forced me to get to work on the good stuff!!  My morning got off to a bang with finding mouse droppings in the kitchen utensil drawer, so I have spent the morning doing lots of dishes and scrubbing all the drawers and cabinets (Brandon set a trap before he left for work).  So the clean utensils are sitting out on the kitchen table until we catch the vermin!  Why, oh why, does the man have to be allergic to cats!  

Well, here goes...
Outside my window...   It is beautifully sunny and about 40F.  They are calling for 60F today with snow showers tonight and tomorrow... Don't like the weather?  Stick around for a minute; it'll change!
I am thinking...   I really need to return these library books I thought I had already taken back!  Dave (Ramsey) doesn't let me put stupid things like library fines in my budget!
I am thankful for...   Warm days that remind me that Spring is right around the corner!
From the kitchen...  Mouse droppings... GRRR!  and Green Chicken Chili (my favorite meal).
I am wearing...   Sweatpants and a tank top with my great-grandma's apron overtop.  Wearing an apron makes me feel so domestic and I really feel like I get more done when wearing one!  Try it!
I am going...   to try to negotiate some kind of deal with the (2 year old) girl to get her into some clothes.  She much prefers to be nekkie!
I am reading...  Food Dehydrator reviews.  I am in the market for one... any tips?
 I am hoping...  to catch a mouse today!
 I am creating...  nothing at the moment.  I need to clean up the sewing room and get to work on some new stuff (and finish the binding on Eden's quilt)!
I am hearing...  My extraordinarily loud dishwasher and Michael Buble.
Around the house...  Toys and kid books are all over the floor and I have 2 loads of laundry in a basket to fold (and another load in the washer).
 One of my favorite things...  Blogging with the girl in my lap!  So snugly this morning! 
A few plans for the rest of the week...  Birth Talk tonight, Pioneer Girls (church girl's club) Wednesday night, teaching my class Thursday night and Valentine's Social with my Sunday School class on Saturday!  During the day, I just have to keep us within the budget (and cook and clean and mother a 2 year old and try to stay sane)!
A picture thought I am sharing with you...  Eden, hiking on our last cabin trip.

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  1. Uggh, groan! Mousey poo in the utensil drawer... yuck. We had that problem in the kitchen at the bank where I worked. It was gross. I hope you catch the critter really really soon.