Friday, July 27, 2007

A couple of recent events.

We had a fun visit Wednesday night!  Brandon's Aunt Darlene, Uncle John and 2 of their children Rebecca and David came by for a couple of hours.  Brandon hadn't seen them in about 13 years.  They are missionaries in Mexico and just happened to be in the states (for Brandon's cousin's wedding) and traveling down the East coast right through Richmond!  
It was great to get to know them and to see a little bit of their church-planting ministry in Mexico.  

Brandon is very excited about a bad storm we had a couple of weeks ago...
Lightning struck somewhere very close to our house.  There was a huge crash of thunder along with a loud pop and an orange flash of light in the general vicinity of the T.V.  Our VCR died.  After we decided that there was no bringing it back to life, it was no time before Brandon had decided to replace the antiquated VCR with the ultra-modern DVR.
Our TiVo arrived today...  Brandon has spent the day playing with it.  I must admit that it seems pretty cool.  I haven't been able to do anything with it yet, though.  I guess I will get my chance to check it out later (when Brandon is at work).


  1. We love us some DVR. It's wonderful, and SO easy to use. You'll love it once you get used to it.

  2. Hi,

    We are looking forward to seeing you in October when you come to Lincoln for the Nebraska game. Your little girl sure has been growing! It sounds like you are enjoying her a lot.

    Be seeing you soon!
    Aunt Mary