Thursday, September 5, 2013

The mountains are calling...

...and I must go.  -John Muir

We spent Labor Day in the Shenandoah National Park.  The park is one of my favorite places that I have been and we are so fortunate to have it a short drive away!

A while back I purchased a book for the kids called Scavenger Hike Adventures.  It takes good family day hikes and turns them into a scavenger hunt!  We had only done one of the hikes so far and the kids asked to do another.

We hiked Hawksbill Summit (the highest point in the Shenandoah National Park) via the Appalachian Trail and the Salamander Trail.  It was great.  The kids loved it! They did 2.9 miles with no problem, very little complaining and so much fun and laughter!  It was wonderful!

Here are some photos of our day.

Yellow Leprose Lichen (chrystothrix candelaris, aka Spray Paint Lichen) 

Eden practices the skill of rock stacking.

Very cool tree on the hike.

Two deer followed us for a while. No zoom used on this photo. They were really that close.

Mountain Laurel tunnel. I can't help but think about how lovely this would be when the Laurel is blooming.

This hike had several nice overlooks.

Snacking at Hawksbill Summit.

Looks like he might slip off the mountain. 

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  1. Gorgeous pics, and how fun to hike doing a scavenger hunt!