Monday, August 19, 2013

Today Felt...

...rushed and lazy.

We started school 45 minutes early this morning so we could get a jump on our day.  We had a checkup appointment for our dog, Amos, and the new kitten, Mittens.  We got through most of our planned items, but skipped out on our nature hike (on the schedule every day).

Mittens sleeping off her stressful vet visit.
I thought we'd walk when we came home, but it was rainy and dreary and we ended up just hanging around reading books and I let the kids watch a movie. Theo chose to watch it like this:

How Theo watches a movie.
 So, it felt like we ran around this morning and wasted the rest of the day. We'll do a proper, non-rushed day of school tomorrow.

Saturday, I took a planning morning.  I hope to do this each month.  I planned out the next 3 weeks of school and I think doing it this way will work out well for me.  We'll see!

My school planner.


  1. About this post: Susannah noticed Theo's movie watching pose and immediately copied it. :) I noticed your neat handwriting in your school planner! In a day and age where nice handwriting seems few and far between, it was nice to see someone with pretty cursive handwriting. :)

    1. Aww, thanks! I never did well in school "handwriting" class, but at least it's legible! Eden is learning cursive this year. I have to say that the key to my neat planner is the Pilot Frixion pen. They are erasable gel ink and they come in a bunch of different colors, perfect for color coding and getting rid of errors or changing things!
      Oh, and so funny about Susannah!!