Sunday, November 6, 2011

Introducing a New Roo

I am proud to introduce you to Roofus.  He is a 2 year old Blue Wheaten Ameracauna.

We got him 2 weeks ago from a neighbor who was thinning their flock.  He is a a handsome devil and he has fit right in with our girls.  I don't know why I am amazed when animals do what they are supposed to do, but it gets me every time!  It really was amazing to watch him assert himself in the flock,  quickly establish himself as the dominant chicken and begin caring for the hens.  He calls them over to feed when he finds good grub, he stands watch and keeps the hens together.  I love him! <3

Such a showoff!

Henri popping in to say hello! 

On a sad note, we have been faced with a tough decision.  One of our hens (Buttercup) has attacked the kids several times.  She began attacking me and after several weeks of trying to rehabilitate her, things were getting worse.  Theo has started to be afraid of all of the chickens and the kids won't play outside without me right next to them!

We decided to try to re-home her.  If we could find a suitable home for her, we wouldn't have to cull her (while we like chicken soup, Buttercup soup may not go over well).  My neighbor (the one who gave us Roofus) offered to take her!  So, she will be close enough to visit and far enough to not be a threat.  Eden shed some tears, but she will be glad to not have to watch her back when she goes out to play.

Bye bye Buttercup.
Also, today is Eden's 5th birthday!  We had a party for her last night.  My beautiful big girl.

Please ignore the frosting hack-job... I told you I'm not a food blogger!!

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  1. Roofus is one hunk!!! So glad he found the home he needed and Buttercup found the home she needed. Your five-year-old girl is so beautiful and very sweet - happy birthday Eden!