Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crafty, knitty homeschooling goodness!

Boy have I been a slacker in the blog department lately.  I would love to offer good excuses, but the truth is we have just been living life!

We have been homeschooling along, loving it most days, cutting out early on the other days, and learning a lot.  Eden has been memorizing Bible verses and poetry, learning more about phonics, getting better at reading.  She journals each week and this has become my favorite thing.  Look at these precious entries!  She draws the picture and dictates the story to me.

Journaling is not Eden's favorite.  I have discovered that she has some pretty extreme perfectionist tendencies.  She has a hard time drawing a picture that she thinks isn't perfect. We are working on tenacity.  If the perfectionist in her gets frustrated, she wants to give up.  As you can see, though, she draws pretty well for a four year old!  I have challenged her to draw her picture on the chalkboard before she draws it in her journal.  This seems to help her think it all through.

We have been having lots of crafty fun in school.  We made salt dough a couple of weeks ago and made some really cute pumpkins.  Even Theo got in on the fun.  His pumpkins are the ones on the ends of the front row. ;)

On a different note, I have been learning to knit!  I am really loving it.  I always love hand knit things, but I have had some bad knitting experiences in the past.  I really wanted to knit this precious sweater for Eden's doll, Sunshine Rose.  Eden never plays with the doll.  Theo plays with it a lot.  I was planning to make this sweater for the baby and give it to Theo.  Eden sobbed, protested, played with the doll for an hour, swore it was her favorite toy... She hasn't played with it since...  Anyway, I made the sweater.

I was very pleased with how the sweater turned out.  I may go ahead and just put the doll in Theo's room.  Eden won't miss it.  

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  1. Stop it! The child has her great-grandmother's (and on and on down the line) artistic genius! I absolutely cannot believe the pictures she drew. I knew our girl was awesome! Love the pun-kins y'all made:) and I love that you're knitting. The sweater is awesome and blue *is* for boys ;)