Thursday, June 17, 2010

The past couple of weeks...

We finally closed on the house!  I know everyone was relieved to finally be done with it.

It sure has been hot around here!  We have still been spending a lot of time outdoors.  The kids are loving their new swingset.  Eden has learned how to pump on the swing, which freed up a lot of time for me to work while she is swinging!

Now that we live in such a rural place, Eden is learning how to play outside by herself.  I have been letting her go out alone (something I NEVER would have thought of doing at our old house).  She will stay outside and play for about an hour before she comes and asks me to play with her!  I am now getting greedy and longing for the days when both of the kids will play outside!  I may actually start getting some stuff done!  Oh well, that's years down the road...

Our Garden is coming along.  We have tons of green tomatoes.  We have flowers on our beans, squash and peppers.  Everything is getting HUGE!  Eden loves helping me weed (and is really disappointed that we don't have to do much weeding) and says that she wants to be a gardener (or a princess) when she grows up!

I am taking Theo and fleeing home for a few days.  We are driving down to Raleigh, NC to meet up with my 2 best friends from high school!  Suzanne and Leslie and I haven't been in the same room since my wedding (8 years ago next week).  We are going to stay at Leslie's and just visit.  Suzanne will be heading to Peru as a missionary with her husband, Joey in the next couple of months and I am so happy to be able to see her before she leaves!

I'm off to put a perm in Mema's hair this morning.  Soon I'll do a post on Dave Ramsey!  Stay tuned!

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