Friday, October 9, 2009

A bit more about Hunter's Grove.

We have been working overtime to get this (Davis Ave) house ready to sell. We are in the home stretch with some painting and door-replacement left to do. I keep looking toward our future as I work and that helps make it go faster for me!

I have wanted to share some photos of the home we have a contract on. We are hoping for a quick sale of our house so we can move forward soon. As you will see there is much to be done in the "new" house!

These photos are of the exterior of Hunter's Grove. The home was built in 1790. It has been in our family for many years. I will have to confirm this with my mom, but I believe the house has been in our family since the 1810's.

The Driveway

Hunter's Grove

Back of House

Back Porch

Side Yard

Back Yard (looking toward the house)

Oak Tree

Family Cemetery

I will leave you with that for now. I have many more photos of the interior that I will post soon!

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