Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Virginia State Fair '07

Brandon and I took Eden to the Virginia State Fair the first week in October. Last year she may have enjoyed the sounds and the tastes (in utero), but this year she got to enjoy the sights!

We spent most of our time in the animal buildings and tents. We saw rabbits and sheep and goats. We watched the cows in labor, and played with the humane society's puppies. We had a great time watching the baby chicks hatch.

Eden got to pet a baby duck. She was a bit intimidated, at first (perhaps by the little girl holding it), but she said "Eessss" (her baby version of "be easy") and stroked it's little head so gently.

I (Amy) had the opportunity to volunteer at the Virginia Breastfeeding Taskforce booth. I manned the booth and the nursing mother's station for a few hours. The Taskforce had set up a nice little "room" complete with a changing table, rocking chair and free bottled water. It was a short time, but I had fun and helped the Taskforce provide a wonderful service. The only other option for nursing mothers who preferred a private place to nurse would have been the bathroom. Eden even helped me out at the booth! She also took advantage of the nice facilities where she grabbed a snack herself!!

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